You own your health information

A patient’s medical information belongs to one individual and one individual only. The patient. While OneChart partners with patients, at no point does that partnership mean sharing ownership of medical information. OneChart Health will never share, sell, or distribute identifiable medical information without the express request of the patient. Only a patient can authorize the sharing of his or her medical information. At any point, at the request of the patient, a patient’s entire record set will be removed from the platform. After this request is made, no identifiable patient data will remain on OneChart’s system.

You have a right to decide who can see your information

OneChart Health provides a platform by which a patient can share his or her medical records with others. Patients do not have to simply hope their health care providers systems can communicate. With OneChart, patients are empowered to share their data with any individual that needs to see it, anywhere there is an internet connection. Users are able to see exactly when, and where, and by whom their chart was accessed, and can extend or terminate access to their chart whenever they would like. No sharing of patient information can happen that the patient is not fully aware of.