Any Doctor. Any Hospital. Anywhere.



Request your medical records from wherever you receive care. Everything from X-Rays, MRIs, Lab results, Radiology Reports, to your doctor's exam notes.


Access your medical chart from anywhere you have an internet connection. Your data is stored securely in your private data cloud.


Share your records on your terms. You decide who can view your medical information and share instantly with your care team memebers across town or across the country.


OneChart puts it all together.

Taking control of your healthcare starts with having easy access to your health information.

OneChart gives every patient exactly that. Your entire medical record, available anywhere there's an Internet connection.

We do the work for you. So you can manage your care–or a loved one’s–with greater ease and less stress.

Patients share records on their terms. Medical providers get what they need to deliver timely, effective care.