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Delivering exceptional care and driving quality outcomes, requires full access to every patient's medical information. But obtaining timely patient data from other providers remains a struggle, as the promise of true interoperability has never materialized. 

Coordinating care among all of a patient's providers, as well as including the patient in their care, is pivotal to improving the quality of care. 

No matter the information system you utilize as a healthcare provider—an EHR, a PACS, an LIS, a HISP, a RIS, or paper—you’ve likely experienced a frustrating lack of connection with others. Many providers are forced to manage with outdated, costly software platforms. And a surprising number still rely on archaic, time-consuming standbys like faxing, in-person pickup, mail, or DVD delivery. The way medicine is practiced has continued to move forward, but the tools to exchange information have not. Until now. 

OneChart aggregates patient data - independent of a patient portal - from any EHR, PACS, LIS, HISP, RIS, or even paper. 

OneChart puts the patient in control of their information. Any patient that's asked us to compile their health record will have all their information at the ready and can share it with you digitally ahead of their arrival. Patient data moves with the patient, which means any provider with shared access to the patient's chart has an always-up-to-date view of the patient's care. Regardless of where that care was received. 

OneChart Health delivers your facility a clear, updated record for every patient that walks in the door. We've already done the work on the patient’s behalf: requesting records from each provider, compiling it into one digital, chronological chart, and making it easy to search and share.

Today's patients are consumers. We all are. How can you be expected to provide them the best possible care and service when the shortcomings of an EHR or clunky patient portal prevent that? 

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