Welcome to the alpha release of the OneChart platform. OneChart is a person centric digital health information home. The analogy we like to use is a digital cloud hovering above the head of every OneChart user. That digital cloud empowers individuals to collect their data from wherever they recieve care, as well as share their data with whoever needs to see it. Think of it as an ultra-secure Dropbox for medical records, that you can invite your doctor (or anyone else) to view as needed. At its core, OneChart is a HIPAA compliant, secure, electronic means of requesting, storing and sharing health information and its available in alpha today.

What you can do with OneChart right now

  • Sign up and create a personal medical chart.
  • Create a medical chart for a son, daughter, parent, or other dependent.
  • Request medical records from any provider in the United States.
  • Store medical records in a state of the art HIPAA compliant cloud platform.
  • View requested records on any internet connected device with a browser.
  • Full text search of every document within your chart. 
  • Invite others (including members of your care team) to view and collaborate on your chart. 

What features are on the way

  • Share your records with an entire medical office
  • Upload medical records that you already have on paper
  • Record current medications, allergies, and medical history
  • Translate clinical terminology into more understandable terms to help you understand the medical record
  • Store x-rays, MRIs, ultrasounds and other clinical images


The ability to sign up for the service, view records shared with you, and store your own records will always be free to the patient. The platform incurs costs only when records are requested and OneChart staff members follow up with provider organizations to ensure that records are returned in a timely manner. Even with the human interaction required, OneChart is designed to operate at minimal cost to the individual. We project that the service will require $1.99 per user per month to operate when fully implemented. For a limited time, early users can sign up and use the system for $1.00 per month, with a once yearly purchase of $12.00. Because the service is free to sign up for, and free to view records shared with you, the only prompt for payment will come when you request your first record.

How to help

The OneChart platform is a work in progress. The OneChart team is made up of industry professionals but we view ourselves as patients first. We built the platform because we needed it and want to refine it to meet the needs of individuals everywhere. If you'd like to participate, sign up for OneChart using the link below and help us ensure that every person has easy access to their health care information. The OneChart platform as evolved to this point only because of the generous feedback of our earliest users. To make leaving feedback as simple as possible, we've placed a help button on every screen of the platform. As you use the system, please log any ideas, complaints, concerns or suggestions using the help button in the lower right corner of the screen.