OneChart Health

Our Mission:


Seamless access to medical imaging and more. Your health information anywhere, anytime, on any network. For parents, for children, for caretakers, for providers, and the entire care team.


For Imaging

Stop mailing CDs. Stop paying for point to point interfaces. Stop hosting an antiquated and unsecured VPN. OneChart provides real time access to DICOMs and Imaging Reports anywhere your providers, patients, and staff have an internet connection. OneChart offers a built in medical image viewer eliminating the need to download and host images separately.


For Providers

Stop relying on point to point faxes and mailed records. Leverage a secure upload site to easily share medical records with community providers while keeping the patient fully informed every step of the way.


For Families

Ensure that you have full access to your children’s medical records. Know what’s in your child’s chart to make transitions of care, second opinions, moving, and school enrollment more seamless. Easily manage the care of an aging parent. Be involved in medical care without having to be at every appointment.



Secure Digital Storage

Medical records are stored a HIPAA compliant protected cloud. This means that your medical images are accessible on-demand from anywhere you have an internet connection.


Cloud Image Viewer

Free your clinic from a local PACS and VPN solution. Stop having to rely on antiquated desktop image viewers. Enable your care team to get access to the medical images when and where high quality care demands.

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Secure Sharing

Invite patients, family members, second opinions, care takers, and others to easily view medical records on demand. Be in control of who and when your records can be accessed. Extend and remove access in real time.


How It Works

OneChart is a patient-centered cloud based digital records repository shared among care team members. The OneChart platform hosts medical records on a cutting edge distributed network of servers that can be accessed on any device with an internet connection. Individuals can upload files directly to the platform via a secure upload site, organizations can connect directly with the OneChart platform via secure API, and images can be sent directly to OneChart from the modality via the OneChart Secure Gateway. Once the data resides on the OneChart platform, individuals and organizations can be invited to securely view and retrieve the stored information in real time.


Secure Upload

Each patient chart within the OneChart platform comes with a unique digital upload site specific to that chart. This allows patients and care team members to collect records from anyone regardless of distance. Rather than relying on mail or faxing, medical records can be uploaded and made available instantly.

Secure gateway for imaging

OneChart’s secure gateway allows medical images to be routed directly to the OneChart platform from the imaging modality. This bypasses the need for a complex PACS connection and allows for immediate access to the images from anywhere providers and patients need access.

Direct API access

Organizations may Connect to OneChart directly via API to interact easily with patient records. OneChart API access is based on the open API 3.0 spec. Secure connection to the OneChart platform is available to any organization regardless of size.

Secure sharing

Patients and providers are able to extend HIPAA compliant access to medical records (including images) as easily as sharing a link. Both patients and providers are able to extend and terminate chart access in real time enabling constant control over when and with whom medical records are shared.